Spots and freckles on the skin appear due to various influences, such as exposure to sunlight, improper treatment of acne, using various inappropriate cosmetics or irregularities in skin pigmentation.
To many individuals, freckles are a nuisance. They do not feel attractive with them or feel they look too young. However, there are many home remedies that one can use to help fade and get rid of freckles.
An individual may wish to try lemon juice. Lemon juice can be applied to the skin twice a day. It should be left on for up to 15 minutes, then rinsed off with warm water. The lemon juice will bleach the dark spots that are on the skin
Sour cream may also be used on freckles. Those with sensitive skin may find this method used as the lactic acid will help to remove the freckles. Sour cream should be applied to the face and allowed to set for a bit. Then it should be wiped away with a soft towel, and a moisturizer should be applied. This method should be done daily until freckles have been removed.
Buttermilk can lighten and bleach freckles. Using this method twice daily, the buttermilk can be applied to the face for 10 minutes at a time. It will need to be rinsed off with warm water. Do this for several weeks to fade freckles.
Onions can also be used, with red onions being the best. Onions have sulfur in them, which is responsible for helping to remove the freckles. Cut an onion into thick pieces, and rub them onto the face. Do this twice daily until the freckles have disappeared.
Papaya can help to lighten freckles due to the papain found in it. Fresh papaya juice should be applied with a cotton ball and left on for 10 minutes. It should be then rinsed with cool water. This should be done on a daily basis until the freckles have faded.
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