Today, we propose you some exercises to maintain muscle tone of your face.

Exercise 1: All you need to do in this exercise is to move the forehead up and down. You can close your eyes. It looks funny, but it`s very good for the brain.
Exercise 2: Now, make the simple wrinkling motion of the nose. It`s good for the sinuses and the nose muscles.
Exercise 3: Gentile circular massage to loosen up the tension the biggest part of the jaw muscle. A couple of minutes of this massage can help you to relieve this in yourself.
Exercise 4: Circular motions, roll the jaw around in circles. It`s very good to release tension in the face.

Exercise 5: Simple movement back and forth, you shake out the tension in the face. Keep your eyes closed.
Also, you can watch this video below and try these others exercises explained in the video. They are very helpful!


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