Modern living has had its benefits for us humans. It has given use many different ways in which we can lead a better life, more successful and fulfilling. But as with all of the things in existence, there are good sides and bad sides attached to it.

For example, some of the problems of the first world are the so-called diseases of affluence. These are the diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart problems and the metabolic syndrome, to say the least.
Luckily, while we have issues with modern medicine and the benefits of it, nature has always been with us, and it offers us simple yet effective solutions for improving our health.
If you’re having the aforementioned problems, especially the blood pressure, then you’ll stand to gain a lot from living a healthy life. This means getting in synch with what nature has to offer to you to heal you and nurture you. It will enable you to get in the best shape of your life.

Without further ado, here are some of the basic natural remedies you can try out to help you in the fight against the metabolic syndrome.
1. Oregano
This is a 100% natural herb and is widely available for consumption. It’s an anciently known food enricher, and its benefits have been touted since forever. The main ingredients in this natural remedy combine to achieve the effect of relaxing your heart rate so that it can pump more blood at a highly efficient rate, much more efficient than before.

This you’ll agree is great for your heart and the level of your overall health. What’s more, oregano is used as a taste enhancer. This means that you can add it to the food you eat so that it can be spicier and more palatable. It’s widely known that salt can be harmful to humans, especially in high quantities. So if you decide to replace salt with oregano, you’ll have many health benefits and effectively lower the health risks as well.
2. Lavender
Here’s another natural ingredient that will make your life better. You can use lavender as a natural ingredient that aromatizes the environment you’re in.
For example, if you decide to take a bath and use lavender as a way to make your bathing experience more soothing and pleasurable, you’ll do well for your health as well.
Lavender has been touted as a life-saver ingredient that can physically relax your heart and ease its functioning. This will make blood flow a lot more efficient and the organs in your body will consequently receive their fair share of nutrients a lot better. The implications of this should be clear by now.
3. Apple
The old adage is true here, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” A single apple per day can practically do wonders for your health. There are many vitamins in apples, as well as other nutrients that will make your body more powerful in the act of defending itself. So be sure to consume this wonder fruit often.
This concludes this short list. However, we must mention that this is no medical advice, and for any doubts, you may have you’d do well to consult a doctor. Other than that, this list can help you in the staving off of blood pressure.

Source: secretlyhealthy


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