Allergies are pretty common and differ from person to person. Some people have spring allergies but some struggle with allergies the whole year depending on the reason for those allergies. However, there is the thing that you can do in order to help yourself and eliminate dust, pollen and other stuff that makes the allergies just go crazy. The technique is called nasal irrigation or watering and it will effectively reduce sneezing and itching.
Here is how this technique works and how to execute it. it will clean the nasal cavity and prevent allergic reactions for good.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of marshmallow root in 1 glass of cool water.
  • Mix the liquid well and let it work for about 3 hours and soak.
  • After the 3 hours strain the solution and use the remaining liquid for cleaning the nasal cavity.
Allergy Tea
  • 10 grams of elderberries
  • 10 grams of spurge
  • 10 grams thyme
  • 10 grams of rosehip
  • 10 grams marigold
  • 10 grams of nettle
  • 10 grams of mallow
  • Honey (optional and to taste)
Make a mix out of all of these healthy herbs and ingredients and after that take 2 tablespoons of the mix and add it in a medium pot filled with cool water. Place the pot on heat and boil it together with the mix of herbs. Once it boils remove it from heat and let it cool before you strain it.
Once it is cooled add in a little bit of honey and your allergy tea is ready. It is safe to consume every day and it is completely natural and organic. It should effectively help with allergic reaction and prevent them. Make sure you consume it all day long.
Extra Tip: You can prevent allergic particles entering your nasal cavity by applying some calendula or olive oil inside and under the nose.


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