Facts About Normal Vs C-Section Delivery, All Women Must Know

The coming to this world is a real miracle. This process can be performed in two ways – either by regular delivery or a C-section. The physician is the one who estimates which technique is the best for the woman who is about to give birth, and they make this estimation taking into consideration the health of the infant and the mother.

Pros for the mom

  • Women who gave birth to their infant regularly have explained that their experience is better from a psychological point of view.
  • There are women who feel more confident when going through a vaginal delivery.
  • Moreover, the period of recovery for a regular delivery is shorter compared to the C-section.
  • Finally, the regular delivery provides the mother and the child with the opportunity to bond right after the baby comes out.

Cons for the mother

  • The vaginal delivery is not easy at all, and it takes experience, as well as time.
  • Some women can give birth in minutes, while others can take hours.
  • Also, the vaginal delivery makes the planning process for the baby more difficult, because the mother is obsessed with the wedding day.

Cons for the infant

  • During the vaginal delivery, the baby can get injured, even though this is a pretty rare case.


  • Pros for the mother
  • This way of giving birth does not have many benefits, but, knowing that you must have it leaves a lot of time to mentally prepare for the healing process.
  • It still does have an advantage, and it is the shorter time it takes to deliver the baby.

Cons for the mom

  • After a woman has a C-section, she needs to remain at the hospital for two to four days if everything went well.
  • A C-section delivery also raises the risk of physical complaints like pain and soreness after the delivery.
  • This way of giving birth also raises the risk of blood loss and infections.
  • Studies have shown that women who experienced a C-section delivery have begun with the breastfeeding much later.

Cons for the baby

  • Sometimes, infants that are being born by C-section have respiratory problems, and there is also an increased risk of issues with anesthesia or nicking the child.
  • Even though very rare, these cases are still recorded.
  • Many factors can impact the decision, but in the end, the choice is yours.
  • Sometimes, a C-section is necessary and preferred, and this method will be performed even though you have chosen the vaginal delivery.

Source: healthydietcent.com


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