A Scientific Solution to Stop Muscle Cramps and Spasms

 This issue is more common than people think. Have you ever had muscle cramps? 

Cramps are caused when a muscle contracts involuntarily and it causes intense pain. Very common in athletes, muscle cramps can happen when we least expect it. Even after eating or while we sleep. 

They usually happen on lower members, together with sudden or prolonged spasms. The muscles and tendons contract and become visible. 

Although the calf is the most common target, cramps can also happen on the abdomen, thighs, feet, hands, and neck. Did you know that?

Have you ever had or know someone who has had cramps in any of these places? 

Even though most people associate muscle cramps with potassium deficiency, Bettina Moritz, dietitian and Doctor in neuroscience, says that nocturnal leg cramps,  one that happens when we are not exercising, happens due to magnesium deficiency. 

On the other side, the cramps that happen during or after physical activities are caused by the lack of potassium. But, what do we do when we have muscle cramps?

During the crisis, try to gently stretch the area, without sudden movements. Don't even think of using strength to move your legs. 

While you stretch, massage the area to warm up the place, it will help reduce the pain. 

To prevent your muscles from cramping, you can try to: Avoid exercising right after eating;

Gently stretch your muscles before exercising or going to sleep; 

Avoid consuming products that contain caffeine, like coffee or chocolate; 

Avoid smoking; Avoid stimulating drugs, such as ephedrine or pseudoephedrine. 

To go through muscle cramps unharmed, make sure to have a balanced diet. 

Drink plenty of water during the day, especially during physical activities. 

If your muscle cramps persist even after taking all these measures, talk to a doctor to see what might be happening in your body.


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