How to Get Rid of Varicose Veins With Essential Oils

 Varicose veins are usually an issue with the appearance  of our legs and also cause some fatigue and pain. 

The fact is that most women will have it at some point in their lives. Of course, varicose veins also happen in men, but they are more common in women. 

Varicose veins are dilated veins that can appear in different areas of the body, but usually are more seen on the legs. 

Although it is seen as an esthetic issue, varicosities indicate that something isn't going well with your blood circulation. 

Do you know what the role of the veins in your body are?

They are responsible for transporting the blood that flowed through the body back to the heart, and from there to the lungs, where the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen happens. 

When this exchange doesn't happen in the right way, it causes poor circulation, heavy feeling in the legs, itchiness, or even embolism. 

Thinking about an alternative and efficient way of treating varicose veins naturally and at home, we will show you some essential oils that can help you with this issue. 

The topical use of essential oils can be beneficial to treat many skin diseases while also working on your beauty care. 

But how do essential oils help you?

The oils help stimulate the lymphatic system, improving blood circulation, and acting as anti-inflammatories and toners, which strengthen the walls of the veins and eliminates the sensation of tired legs. 

The oils that can help you to naturally treat varicose veins are the ones that are rich in monoterpenes, found in flowerless plants. 

See which oils you can use! 

If you want a more complete treatment, you can also try atlas cedarwood and Himalayan cedarwood essential oils, which are great against varicose veins, stretch marks and cellulitis. 

If you are pregnant or nursing, please talk to a doctor before starting this treatment. 

Besides that, to avoid the occurrence of varicose veins, you can practice physical activities, maintain a balanced diet rich in fiber, and lose weight if you are overweight. 

If you try one of these recipes, share your experiences with us and if you already knew them, tells us what you think!


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