Top "Antiviral Foods" To Naturally Boost Your Immune System

 Having a strong immune system is a signal of health. And, to stay healthy, it is necessary to pay attention to what we eat. 

Did you know that, besides foods, having healthy habits,  such as sleeping well, practicing physical activities, etc., is essential for strengthening our body? 

Thinking about it, we decided to make a list of foods  you must eat if you want to improve your immunity  and become more resistant to viruses and bacteria that are around us every day. 

One of the main items of this list is propolis, have you ever heard it? 

Derived from a substance that coats bee's hives,  propolis has antiseptic and protective effects. 

Besides that, propolis also inhibits the proliferation of undesirable microorganisms, both in the hive and in the human body. 

Isn't it interesting? Propolis can be consumed daily, either in drops or capsules. 

Besides this alternative, experts also suggest increasing the consumption of some vitamins and minerals. 

Besides using propolis, you can also ingest: 

Vitamins from A to Z

In this case, it is worthy to invest in multivitamins, but, if you want, you can also ingest the foods we will recommend to you.

Eat more garlic, onion, ginger, and tomato

These seasonings are largely used in culinary by almost all the world, however, they are not just mere seasonings. Besides giving our food lots of flavor, they are also used in natural medicine and are all great allies of our immune system.

Citrus fruits and dark green vegetables

These foods have vitamin C, which works by stimulating the immune system and acts in the reconstruction of leukocytes, protecting us from damages caused by free radicals while our body fights infections. 

Protein, seeds, whole grains, legumes

Protein are foods that are rich in zinc, an essential mineral for the defense against virus, bacteria, and fungus. 


Because they also contain zinc in their composition, nuts, chestnuts, and almonds are rich in vitamin E and selenium, important nutrients for the immune system and also potent antioxidants that help fight the free radicals, protecting our body from oxidative stress.


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