Cat Owners May Have Higher Immunity for COVID-19

 Do you have a cat or dog at home? Did you know that they can improve your immunity?

This is what Sabina Olex-Condor found out. She is an emergency physician in Madrid, and she made an amazing finding. 

According to her, based on 100 patients infected by COVID-19, people who have dogs or cats can tolerate the new coronavirus more easily, or even completely asymptomatic. 

According to Sabina, cats can have the feline coronavirus, that doesn't infect people. This way, it is possible that people who have close, daily contact with cats develop antibodies for the feline virus that can also destroy the human virus. Isn't it interesting? 

She came to this conclusion after asking the infected patients if they had pets when orientating them as to how to proceed with isolation at home.

 At that moment, she realized that none of the people infected had cats. 

Some patients had dogs, but almost none of them had cats. Although the research was small and without any statistics, Sabina will develop this study as soon as the situation improves, to have a wider number of interviews. 

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and your pet is behaving oddly, call the veterinary and explain the situation.


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