Chive and Cilantro Tea To Fight Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

 Have you ever heard about the benefits of chive and cilantro tea?

Did you know that this tea has many benefits? 

It helps regulate high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. 

So, in today's video, you will learn more about these ingredients and how to make this tea. 

But, before we start, let's learn the benefits of the ingredients of this tea. 

Cilantro has a long list of incredible benefits, thanks to its high amounts of vitamins, iron, and minerals and a low level of sodium. Did you know that? 

Besides that, cilantro also: 

Improves immunity; 

Regulates blood pressure; 

Reduces cholesterol levels ;

Helps with diabetes; 

Besides that, cilantro controls anxiety and helps with insomnia, acts as a muscle relaxant, prevents premature aging, and makes the skin healthier. 

The plant also works in the gastrointestinal tract in cases of flatulence, intestinal cramps, and even irritable bowel syndrome and others. 

Chives are widely known by cuisines around the world. Found in many dishes, even though it is small, it lends a wonderful aroma and flavor to meals. Isn't it true?

In addition, chive has so many benefits and also super flavorful! 

Now that you know the benefits of the ingredients let's check the recipe. 

Write down the ingredients:

2 medium bunches chives, with the roots;

3 bunches cilantro, with the roots;  

51 oz. water; 

Thoroughly wash the cilantro and chive bunches. Now, in a 2 quarts glass jar, add the cilantro and chive bunches, then add the water that was previously boiled. 

Drink throughout your day at room temperature. 

Try it and share your opinions with us. 

Even when drinking this tea, it is still important to follow the recommended medical treatment. 

Analyze with your doctor the possibility of reducing the dose of your medications or even discontinuing its use. 

Avoid the consumption of fatty or sugary foods, such as cookies, bacon, oil, ice cream, chips, chocolate, pizza, cakes, processed foods, sauces, margarine, fried foods, or processed meats.


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