Macela Tea to Calm The Mind, Improve Digestion and Alleviate Pain

 Have you ever tried this tea? Do you know what macela is?

Macela tea, also known as marcela or Achyrocline satureioides, is made from the dried leaves of the plant. 

It can be used to make a tea that has many benefits. Do you know any of them?

Its most well-known property is its soothing potential, very similar to chamomile, whose soothing properties are widely known and scientifically proven. 

Macela can benefit those who suffer from anxiety, chronic stress, and even insomnia. Besides that, macela is also a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory. 

The plant also helps with digestion, strengthens immunity, improves breathing, facilitates weight loss, alleviates pains, and helps with coagulation when necessary. 

The most common way of consuming macela is through tea. 

Watch the video and learn how to make it!

It is important to remember that pregnant women must consume this tea with caution since macela may stimulate uterine contractions. 

Diabetic people must also avoid this tea, as this herb may increase hypoglycemia. Lastly, macela may cause allergic reactions in more sensitive people. 

So, if you use it and feel any indisposition, suspend its use.


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