How to Clean Your Uterus and Boost Fertility Naturally

 Have you heard of uterine cleansing? Cleaning the uterus is not a common practice among women, and it is necessary to take care while doing it.

Even though we seem the same, with the same structure of organs, etc., it is important to remember that our bodies are different and, so, everyone reacts differently to a treatment. And it is no different when we talk about uterine cleansing. 

If you have any doubts about how to naturally cleanse your uterus, talk to your gynecologist or naturopath, and analyze with them the necessity of including any of these teas in your daily routine. 

Among the benefits of this practice, we can mention the protection of the female reproductive system, since it removes the remains of the endometrium that stays in the uterus after periods, post-partum or post-abortion. 

If you don't know, the endometrium is a layer that coats the uterus and becomes the period when there is no pregnancy. Did you know that? 

When a woman does an endometrium cleansing, she can prevent the development of some diseases and increase the chances of pregnancy without risks. 

Besides that, this cleansing is a way of improving blood flow in the uterus, keeping it stronger and healthier.

Learn now 3 tea recipes to cleanse your uterus...

Besides that, since these teas clean the uterus and promote uterine contractions to eliminate the residues of the endometrium, pregnant women must not drink them, and nursing women must avoid their consumption, ok?


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