This Is Why You Should Replace Salt With Oregano

 Do you have high blood pressure? Have you ever thought about substituting salt with oregano?

If you have high blood pressure, you possibly also fall into the group of people that love more savory, salty foods. Are we right? 

But, according to a study by a nutritionist in a Brazilian university, adding oregano and other fine herbs to dishes can help hypertensive patients reduce their salt intake. 

But now you must be asking yourself: why is it better to substitute salt with oregano?

Replacing salt with oregano and other natural seasonings is better for your health because the excess of salt in hypertensive people's diet can lead to strokes and heart attacks. 

So, if you have high blood pressure and didn't know about it, make the change in your kitchen right now. 

And stay tuned on our channel. In the next videos, you will learn more benefits of this incredible and easily accessible seasoning!


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