Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) May Cure HIV, Study Says

A Brazilian man may be one of the first cases of HIV cure. Have you heard about it?

According to scientists from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), a Brazilian man, 36, previously HIV-positive might be one of the first cases of cure from HIV. 

Without any viral load for two years, the patient was treated with a new combination of antiviral drugs. 

Diagnosed with HIV in October 2012, the patient received a series of medications against AIDS for 48 weeks (11 months). 

The treatment consisted of a baseline antiretroviral therapy combined with other antiretroviral substances and nicotinamide, the active form of vitamin B3. 

The study tested 30 patients, who received combinations of different drugs, besides the standard treatment against the virus. None of them showed the same results as the 36 years patient. 

Ricardo Sophie Diaz says to have received the approval to realize a new study, now with 60 patients, sponsored by Brazilian government subsidies and British pharmaceutical company ViiV Healthcare. 

Could we be looking at the beginning of better news about the advances in medicine?


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