8 Foods You Shouldn't Peel Before Eating

 Recently on the channel, we saw some of the benefits of eating unpeeled foods. Have you watched it yet? 

Do you have the habit of eating unpeeled foods? 

Today, you will see 8 foods that you can eat unpeeled and why you should add them to your daily routine. 

When we prepare something to eat, the first step usually is to peel the ingredients, right? 

But what few people know is that the peels are where we find most of the nutrients that our body needs to work well. Did you know that? 

When we remove the peel, we lose valuable nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that end up in the trash. 

So, let's see 8 foods that you can eat, peel and all!

Do you eat any of these foods with their peels? Some people may present allergy to the peel of certain fruits. 

But it is also possible that the allergic reaction might be triggered by a chemical substance applied to the fruit to prevent insects. 

We always recommend you to eat fruits from organic cultures, especially when you intend to eat them unpeeled. Ok?


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