8 Good Luck Plants To Place Indoor

Plants are well-known for adding a fresh and appealing aspect to your yard, but according to certain traditions, they may also bring luck and optimism into your house. So, in today's post, we'd like to present ten good luck plants for indoors.

They are really simple to cultivate indoors and do not want a lot of attention. Most of them adapt well to various environments, and some even thrive in your absence.

Whether you don't feel like you're having the luckiest time of your life, it's time to explore planting some of these 8 good luck plants and seeing if they work for you!

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is one of the finest plants for attracting positive energy, money, and good fortune into your life. It has a certain number of stalks, and it is said that the more stocks in the arrangement, the higher the benefits. It is also regarded as a Valentine's Day gift for a male.

Money Plant

Money plants are frequently advised for keeping inside the home since they offer good luck and generate positive energy in daily life. It cleans the dirty air in your home and improves the flow of oxygen. Some believe it relieves tension and fosters a peaceful and happy environment in the household.

Jade Plant

The leaves of the jade plant are certain to bring good fortune. Place it near the entrance to your home or business to attract prosperity and success. It is also a wonderful present for a businessman, therefore if your spouse is a businessman, this is an excellent Valentine's Day gift.


Orchids in your home provide happiness and increase your sense of contentment. Orchids bring affection into your life and strengthen your bonds with those you care about. Purple orchids are said to bring good fortune. They are also said to bring love and fertility into the home.


Basil is a culinary herb as well as a good luck plant. A basil plant is thought to bring you love, money, luck, and pleasure.

Snake Plant

Did you know that this lucky plant has been scientifically proved to absorb harmful chemicals in the air? Snake plant is an excellent indoor houseplant that emits a pleasant scent and enhances the appearance of your living area. This plant not only brings you luck, but it also has health advantages.

Peace Lily

Peace lily's beautiful white blossoms can enhance the charm of any environment. This plant represents calm, purity, and balances the energy of the home.


These citrus trees, which are said to provide wealth and pleasant feelings, also look nice while bringing luck to your house.


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