Make Vertical Photo Panels Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a vertical photo panels effect in Photoshop. We’ll make it seem like a single picture is displayed as a series of vertical panels. Many of its steps will require simple repetition, like we did when we created a photo collage. Here’s the effect we’ll be creating:

 vertical photo panels effect

For vertical photo panels effect, you’ll need:

  • Photoshop CS5 or any other recent version
Step 1
Open your image.


Now, click on the New Fill or Adjustment Layer option.

 new fill layer

Choose Solid Color from the list that appears and then select the color white.

 white color
tep 2
Duplicate the background layer by selecting it and pressing Command+J (Macs) / Ctrl+J (Windows).


Drag the duplicate background layer above the color fill layer.


Step 3
Grab the Rectangle Tool and in the Options Bar, select the Shapes option.


Now, draw your first vertical panel.


We’ll now add a little visual effect. Press Command+T (Macs) / Ctrl+T (Windows) to enter Free Transform and slightly rotate the panel. Press Return (Macs) / Enter (Windows) when you’re done.


Step 4
Now, drag the Shape layer below the duplicate background layer.

 move shape

Select the duplicate background layer and go to Layer > Create Clipping Mask.

 clipping mask

Step 5
Let’s add some layer effects now. Select the shape layer and open the Layer Style window by clicking on the Layer Styles option.

 layer styles

Select Drop Shadow from the list and use the following settings.

 drop shadow 

 drop shadow

Step 6
Select the Stroke option from the list on the left of the Layer Style window. Click on the color swatch and select the color white.

 color swatch 

 vertical photo panels effect stroke color

Also, use the following settings.

 vertical photo panels effect stroke 

 vertical photo panels effect stroke result

Step 7
With the shape layer selected, shift-click on the background layer, go to Layer > New > Group from Layers and name the group “Panel”.

 vertical photo panels effect panel group

Step 8
Drag the Panel group to the New Layer icon.

 vertical photo panels effect new layer 

 vertical photo panels effect new layer result 

Drag the duplicate group below the original one.

 vertical photo panels effect move panel copy 

Select the shape layer inside the duplicate group, press Command+T (Macs) / Ctrl+T (Windows) and move the panel towards the right. To add more visual effect, place the second panel slightly higher or lower than the first one and rotate it in the opposite direction.

 vertical photo panels effect free transform move 

 free transform 

Step 9
Repeat step 8 to add the remaining panels. Just duplicate the previously added group (which, in this case, is the Panel copy), move it below the other layer groups and adjust the panel. Repeat this step till you have added all the panels and you’re done! The vertical photo panels effect tutorial is complete.

 vertical photo panels effect


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