Transfer SMS/iMessage from Old iPhone to iPhone 6/6 plus

Buy a new iPhone 6 and want to transfer text messages from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6? This article teach you how to transfer messages, imessages from old iPhone to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus in a few steps. You can copy text messages from old iPhone 4s/5/5s to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus with Phone Transfer.

iPhone 6 SMS Transfer
Transferring SMS from old iPhone to the new iPhone is one of the most-searched-for things by iPhone users. In fact, I’ll extend that demographic and have BlackBerry and Android users too: anyone migrating to the new iPhone wants to know how to transfer text messages.

Transfer old iPhone SMS to new iPhone 6 to Mac
If you rely on good old backups (iTunes or iCloud), it’s going to be a straight-forward process. You just restore the backup to the device and all the messages appear magically. But it’s when you don’t want to use backups (or when you can’t) that trouble starts to show. But worry not. There’s a solution. In fact, quite a lot of them.

Transferring SMS from old iPhone to new iPhone 6 with Phone Transfer

Unless we’re talking about a routine backup+restore, we have to rely on third-party phone to phone software to get this done. Today,we recommend you use this Phone to Phone Transfer,which allows you transfer sms from old iPhone to iPhone 6.What’s more,it also allows you transfer text messages from Android, Nokia, BlackBerry,ect to new iPhone 6,as well as contacts, photos, videos and other phone contents.Let’s teach you how to copy SMS from old iPhone to iPhone 6 directly.

Free download the phone transfer and copy sms between two iPhone:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to copy text messages from old iPhone to iPhone 6

Step 1 Run the Phone Transfer on your computer
Like the example shown below, the main window will pop-up after you install it correctly. Then tap the Start under the Phone to Phone Transfer.

Step 2 Connect both iPhones to the computer via USB

Connect both of your iPhones to the same computer with USB cables. The transfer will detect their models and display in the panel once they're connected.
There is a box “Clear data before copy”. Check it if you want to remove all the SMS in the new iPhone and only save the SMS from the old iPhone. Keep it unchecked if you have no intention to erase any data. select text messages only

Note: By clicking “Flip”, you can change the direction of the two iPhones. It means the transferring will be from new one to old one.

Step 3 Transfer Text Messages from old iPhone to iPhone 6

You are able to transfer SMS, videos, contacts, photos and music from one iPhone to the new one. But since all you need to copy is SMS, you need to uncheck the boxes of contacts, music and photos.
When it's done, click “Start Copy”. Phone Transfer will start to copy all Text Messages from one iPhone to another. All you need to care is to keep both of the iPhones are connected well.

Within a few steps, you can copy text messages from old iPhone to new iPhone 6. With Phone to Phone Transfer you can transfer your contacts, photos and music as well. Download this powerful Phone Transfer tool below.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version
Tips: If you want to selling your old iPhone,you must erase sms on iPhone permanently before selling,in order to protect the security of your personal information,and avoid other people view your important messages.Here,we recommend you use this iPhone SMS Eraser tool,which can help you delete iPhone SMS permanently,even no data recovery in market can get them back.
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