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The lighting of a room sets the ambiance, and Michael McHale Designs are flooding The Ribbon’s atmosphere with industrial glamorous aesthetic. The recently opened restaurant boasts over a dozen of his lighting fixtures, including a number of ostentatious Tribeca Collection Banqueting Chandeliers descending over the bar and extraordinary custom sconces brandishing the women’s bathroom.

Forgoing his original lifestyle choice of “adjunct creativity” as an entertainment lawyer, Michael McHale had a “late bloom” of creativity, and started Michael McHale Designs in his 40’s after 15 years in the law. His artistic purpose is to demonstrate what if capable of beauty when considered properly, and he is doing so with the ready-made, affordable Tribeca Collection, the waterproof Outdoor Collection, and the eco-friendly, bio-based, cutting-edge-technology-based 3D Printed Light Collection.

Even more, the upcoming, genre-changing, shape-shifting Matrix Collection will further facilitate his lighting revolution.   Michael McHale Designs’ abstract, innovative chandeliers have been illuminating the world since its inception in 2007. They’ve been featured in (very recently) The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Dwell, Interior Design Magazine, New York Magazine, and so many more.

His creations have adorned the ceilings of the American Express VIP Room at New York Fashion Week, fashionable Moscow coffee shops, nightclubs, as well as the homes of tastemakers, senators, and movers-and-shakers all over the world. There’s even a Harley-Davidson showroom.


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