Illustrator Errors: Quick Tips to Solve Saving Errors

That moment of sheer panic where your stomach drops as you stare at an error message produced while trying to save your Adobe Illustrator file is likely known all too well by you, me, and everyone else. While Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 has some fantastic auto-saving and back-up processes now, you may not be using that version of the program, or even if you are, your file may still have been corrupted.
Here are four quick tips, in no particular order, to reduce your panic moment and save your day by saving your document from the dreaded error message.
It's so simple, and it works. Provided you've got an earlier save and your error message simply won't allow you to save your current document, you can select all of your document's elements, copy them, and paste them into a new working document to save them there.
While this doesn't solve an issue with corrupted components, sometimes it really just is a matter of a fresh space for your vectors to live. Think of it like a fresh coat of paint: you just need some brighter, better surroundings. In the case of your files, however, you just need to make sure your document is no longer corrupted and can be saved and read by your machine and any other that needs to open or edit it.
Copy and Paste everything into a fresh document
Copy and Paste everything into a fresh document.
Adobe Illustrator is a heavy program and, like many Adobe applications, can occupy quite a bit of virtual memory. A quick fix to having difficulties with saving larger files can be to increase your machine's memory capacity. 
Additionally, you may want to check out how your machine occupies its time. What else is running? Close out other programs and make sure you don't have unnecessary processes occupying not only your computer's memory but also disk space.
This one is another solution that's so simple but works like a charm for corrupt elements within a file. Save your document with a new name, thus creating a new file and a fresh instance of those previously corrupted fonts, patterns, or gradients. It's a solution that's akin to turning it off and on again (which is another thing you should try, as a simple reboot is likely the first solution you should try if possible).
Save document with a fresh new name
Save document with a fresh new name.
By reducing elements within your document, you'll reduce the file size and may be able to save it more easily (especially if you're having a memory issue). Delete unnecessary sketches, copied elements, and other working components that didn't make the final cut into the design. 
Perhaps your file contains custom brushes and you were saving those components in a hidden layer. Copy and paste them into a new document, save the brush files there, and delete your original construction in your working document/final illustration. It'll be easier for you to save your file as well as send it if need be.
Delete unnecessary elements
Delete unnecessary elements. Keep the final illustration, and transfer or delete construction elements.
I hope you found the above solutions helpful in keeping your document saving error-free. What are some of your go-to solutions for avoiding saving errors while working in Adobe Illustrator? Share them in the comment section below!


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