7-year-old’s embarrassed of her prosthetic leg. Then school kids ask her to play with them

The seven-year-old girl Anu from Birmingham, United Kingdom, tragically had her leg amputated shortly after she was born. She wasn’t able to run, dance and do all sorts of daily activities with her friends and classmates, but that all changed when Anu got her new prosthetic leg.

Source: BBC Midlands Today

A video surfaced online of Anu going to school and entering the recess playground. Immediately, her friends rushed over to her and asked her to tell about her new prosthetic leg. It was the first time that Anu went to school with her prosthetic, and she proudly showed it to her classmates.

Source: BBC Midlands Today

One of her friends says “Is that your new pink leg?”, and another classmate simply responds with a “Wow!” Another girl jumps directly into the arms of Anu and gives her a warm and big hug. A couple of moments later as if nothing had happened, all the kids are playing and running around together.
Anu’s blade prosthetic was made possible thanks to 1.5 million pounds (roughly 1,950,000 American dollars) of funding given to the National Health Service. The blade was completely custom made for Anu and allows her to run around and even swim. Treatment was taken care of by the West Midlands Rehabilitation center.

Source: BBC Midlands Today

Although the British government will soon run out of funding to support research and development of prosthetics, there are a number of companies that have organized heartwarming initiatives to support children with prosthetics.
The reactions of Anu’s schoolmates are absolutely wonderful.
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Source: BBC Midlands TodayABC News


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