Boy gives tearful goodbye to grandparents at airport. Then they hand him a boarding pass

Sean McGrath was kind of bummed out that he was saying goodbye to his grandparents. The 12-year-old was about to bid them farewell at the Shannon Airport in Ireland when he was hit with a big surprise. Sean was so excited about his surprise that he was in disbelief and overwhelmed with gratitude. His reaction was absolutely precious!
Sean was getting ready to send his grandparents off to Spain when his father, Colum, asked him to check his grandmother’s phone.
“Will you check the boarding passes for me there, Sean?” Colum asked. “Just to make sure I have it all right?”
Sean starts swiping through the boarding passes on a cell phone app.
“Check the boarding passes for going away,” Colum tells Sean before announcing each of the names on the passes, “Jennifer McGrath. Now, swipe across. Anthony McGrath.”
On the last swipe, Sean sees his own name and takes a few steps back in disbelief. That’s when his dad announces that he’ll be going to Spain with his grandparents.

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What?” he asks.
“Have a nice time in Spain buddy,” his dad tells him.
That’s when the boy starts to break down and cry.

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He’s handed his passport and his suitcase that is packed and all ready to go.
“Really?” Sean says, still in disbelief.
At this point, his family is just laughing at him. He then walks up to each of his family members and says “thank you” while giving them a big hug. That’s when the rest of his family tears up.

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His dad is teasing him a bit and as he walks away from the parking lot and toward the airport he stops to ask, “Am I really going?”
His family laughs hysterically at him.
“You’re really going!” his dad tells him.

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Sean’s smile is just so big and his reaction is so precious that you have to see it yourself. Even you will be happy for Sean after watching this!
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