Couple with 5 kids meets 6 siblings who are about to be separated, adopts them all

Unfortunately, not every child comes in a situation where he or she is loved by their parents. Luckily, many children find a warm new home again thanks to a foster care program, but there is still plenty of stress involved as they often have to move from home to home.
Aside from that, one of the hardest things for these kids is that siblings are often separated. This family of six siblings in foster care feared that they would be sent to different homes and wouldn’t be able to stick together. However, one loving family didn’t want that to happen to them at all.

Source: WCPO

Meet the Sanders family from Forest Park, Illinois. The loving couple Christopher and Christina already have five biological children of their own, but they decided to adopt the set of six siblings so that they wouldn’t need to be separated from each other.
We just a made an agreement that whoever we’d get, we would keep them, and you know, not settle for different houses.
The judge that was responsible for the adoption hearing himself had never seen something like this in the two years that he’s been working there, and called the adoption unprecedented. This act of love by the Sanders family definitely is heartwarmingly amazing.

Source: WCPO

The family of thirteen gets along really well, as the adopted and biological siblings love being around each other. The siblings have been playing sports together and two of the new sisters showed up in the courtroom with matching clothes.
Unfortunately, the Sanders family has received concerns from their environment because the adopted children don’t have the same skin color as their biological kids. Christopher’s response, however, can’t be any truer.
God says we are all the same.

Source: USAToday

It wasn’t only the parents did something amazing, the same can be said for the adopted children as well. The Sanders had a tradition that their children’s names would start with a ‘C’. To keep the tradition alive and to show Christopher and Christina that they truly felt home, they requested their case worker to change their names.
Thanks to this loving family, Coby, Christian, Caleb, Caylee, Carson and Chloe have now found a new and warm home.
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