Harlem Globetrotter teaches boy how to spin a basketball. Boy’s reaction is simply priceless

Seeing the joy on a child’s face when they accomplish something is beyond priceless. The moment is even more beautiful when the goal met was something that child didn’t think that they were able to do.
That’s probably why this Harlem Globetrotter was so excited when he got a child to spin a basketball on his fingertip.
“I told you, you could do it,” he encouragingly tells the boy as he helps him to spin the basketball on his fingertip in a video posted on Facebook. “I told you, you could do it!”
Not only did the boy succeed in his goal, but so did the Harlem Globetrotters. According to their Facebook page, their mission is to, “… spread joy around the world through the game of basketball.. we don’t often lose.”
And they definitely didn’t lose according to this video.
The Globetrotters provide much more than family entertainment at basketball games around the world where they show off their impressive skills and tricks, as they have for the last 90 years. They also help kids to learn sportsmanship skills and to believe in their own abilities.
But from the looks of this video, the Globetrotters might get more satisfaction out of what they do than the kids do. This Globetrotter is so excited that this kid spun a basketball that he is jumping up and down screaming.
We think it’s beautiful that he finds so much joy in working to build confidence in children and showing them that if they work towards a goal, they can reach it.
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Source: Rumble/HarlemGlobetrotters


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