It looks like a normal Girl Scouts troop at first, but these girls are all actually homeless

The 23 girls who make up Girl Scout Troop 6,000 know the true meaning of sisterhood. Not only because they are in the same troop but because they all live in the same place, a former Sleep Inn in Queens that now as a homeless shelter.
“We all act like we’re real sisters,” one of the troop members said.
When asked what they would want people to know about their troop, their response was, “that we all share” and “that everybody’s equal.”
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Their troop is the first Girl Scout troop that was specifically designed by the Girl Scouts of Greater New York to serve girls in the New York City Shelter System.
Being homeless as a child means that there can be a lot of inconsistencies. Your housing situation or school can be changed at any moment. But the Girl Scouts of Greater New York are making sure that there is one thing that homeless girls from NYC can always count on, their weekly Girl Scout meeting.
The girls in the troop range from kindergarten-aged to high school and meet every Friday at the Sleep Inn to learn how to mentor the younger girls in the group and others, as well as work on projects that serve their community like planting seeds in local gardens. And like other Girl Scout troops they also learn outdoor and life skills, as well as financial literacy and advocacy.
The troop was started by one of the moms living in the shelter named Giselle Burgess who serves as a community engagement specialist for Girl Scouts of Greater New York. The organization pays for the troop’s membership dues, vests, badges, and other costs for running their troop.
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Not only does the group provide structure and something for the girls to look forward to each week, but the girls are unknowingly changing stereotypes.
“There’s a stereotype we’ve all had consciously or subconsciously about when we hear the word ‘homeless,’ and all of a sudden there’s a shattering of this stereotype with this troop,” Meridith Maskara, the chief operating officer for the Girl Scouts of Greater New York, told The Huffington Post.
Not only does the troop provide adult role models for the girls to look up to, but it also helps women who are trained to be troop leaders to be empowered, and improve their communication, organization, presentation and other skills.
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According to the Girl Scouts’ website, research shows that Girl Scouts gives girls a stronger sense of self, helps girls achieve higher levels of education, and makes them more likely to reach a higher socio-economic status. And the girls of Troop 6000 have big dreams.
And the girls of Troop 6000 have big dreams.
“Our small voice can change the world,” said one of the troop’s members.
Get to know the girls of Troop 6000 by watching the video below. You can also make a donation to help the Girls Scouts of Greater New York expand their program with the New York City Shelter System by making a donation or getting volunteer information here.
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