Man hands colorblind girlfriend glasses – She loses it when she sees colors for first time

Loving boyfriend Chris from Denver decided to get a small present for his girlfriend Ashley. When the woman puts on special glasses to combat her colorblindness, her reaction is equally as heartwarming as it is emotional when she vibrantly sees colors for the first time.

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Ashley’s boyfriend recorded a video of her reaction, as seeing vibrant colors for the first time in your life is certainly a life-changing moment. To make things even more special, Chris brought her to the Denver Botanic Gardens to make the colors of the plants and flowers pop even more.
People who are colorblind still perceive different tints in colors, but their balances in red or green hues don’t correspond with people who don’t suffer from colorblindness, scientifically known as daltonism. As a result, colorblind people often can’t differentiate a brown object from a red one.

Source: Newsflare

Although there is no known cure for colorblindness, the company Enchroma does create special glasses for people with daltonism that restores vibrancy and balance.

It can’t fix the balances of red, blue and green in your eyes, but it works by blocking the added or subtracted amount of red or green light that someone with colorblindness perceives. By taking down this imbalance, the eyesight can be restored back to a somewhat normal value.
Someone who can’t differentiate red hues that well, for example, can order Enchroma glasses that block out just enough green and blue to create a more accurate color balance, which roughly translates to seeing vibrant colors unlike they’ve seen before.

Source: Newsflare

Clearly, Ashley was very impressed with her new and colorful look on the world as she burst out into tears and couldn’t thank her boyfriend Chris enough.
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Source: Newsflare


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