Mom films toddler with autism saying “hello” at 7-weeks-old, but he hasn’t spoken a word since

Having children is full of ups and downs. Though there are the common struggles of changing diapers and baby-proofing the house, one of the finest joys is hearing a baby’s first words. Though most children only end up speaking proper words around 12 months of age, the little guy in the video was only seven weeks old.

Source: facebook.comNTDTelevision

Baby Cillian was lying on his blanket with his mother above him. “Hello,” she keeps saying in a sing-song voice, emphasizing all the syllables. Cillian coos along with his mom with a smile, wiggling a little on the blanket. “Hello,” she says again, urging him on. After a few moments, Cillian very clearly articulates the word back: “Hello!”

Source: facebook.comNTDTelevision

This video has been shared almost a quarter of a million times on Facebook. Although it’s definitely adorable, there’s another reason why this story has had so much traction on the web. While speaking clear words this early is an impressive feat for any child, what makes it all the more impressive is what happened later as Cillian grew up. As his mom Toni commented on Facebook:
This was a real and very precious moment. Cillian is 2 now, he has Autism and doesn’t speak…yet. I look forward to the day he says “hello” again.
Incredibly, Cillian was far ahead of the curve even though he has yet to repeat his achievement. Still, this story tugs at the heart strings for a few reasons. Raising children with autism can be a challenge because of how misunderstood the condition is. Although autism comes with additional challenges and setbacks, the truth is we are all born with virtually unlimited potential.


We definitely give credit to Toni and her beautiful child, Cillian, on their journey together—and we can’t wait to hear what Cillian’s next words will be! Be sure to check out the video below.
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