Shirtless homeless man shivers on subway. Then stranger gives him the shirt on his back

Lazaro Nolasco, one of the passengers of a New York City subway en route to Brooklyn, captured a fantastic act of kindness on video which has quickly gone viral.
The 21-year-old eyewitness saw an interaction between a homeless man and another passenger, who he refers to as ‘Jay’ between the 125th and 59th Street Stations in New York.
At the time of filming, temperatures were very low in the Big Apple and the homeless man was shivering as he barely had clothes on. When good samaritan Jay spotted the man on the train, he did something incredible.

Source: Universoul Awakening, Lazaro Nolasco

Immediately, Jay removed his shirt from his back, shook it out a little bit, and gave it to the homeless man. As the man didn’t seem very healthy and had difficulties putting the T-shirt on himself, Jay even helped the man to dress.
A short time after, Jay disappears only to come back again with his black and warm beanie hat, which he also proceeds to put on the homeless man.

Source: Universoul Awakening, Lazaro Nolasco

Lazaro spoke to the New York Daily News about this heartwarming act of kindness.
“It was just us on the train. The guy didn’t have a shirt on,” Lazaro said, “and his body looked sick.”
Lazaro said that he remembers Jay asking the man if he needed a shirt, and Jay didn’t hesitate to strip down and give him his shirt. Jay also asked the man if he wanted to go to a hospital, and he replied with a simple “yes.”

Source: Universoul Awakening, Lazaro Nolasco

Lazaro exited the subway before these two men, so it’s unsure what happened to them next. “The guy did a good deed, so I wanted to record it.”
Lazaro was also asked by the NY Daily News if he would have a message for Jay.
“I would tell him, ‘God bless.’ That was thoughtful.”
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article-source”>Source: Universoul Awakening


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