5 Everyday Habits That Give Away Everything About Us

Scientists researching human behavior say there’s a direct connection between a person’s character and their habitual actions.

Food habits

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Our perception of life is expressed through our eating habits. So if you:
  • eat slowly and thoughtfully, you’re able to appreciate life and are used to keeping everything under control.
  • eat quickly, you’re purposeful, impatient, ambitious, and open to everything new.
  • like trying new dishes, you love risk and adventures.
  • are fastidious with what you eat, you are nervous and prone to anxiety.
  • mix your food, you’re responsible but often mess up your priorities. You’re also able to multitask.
  • divide foods on your plate and eat each part separately, you’re used to thoroughly planning your life and have difficulty adapting to new circumstances.

A cup

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  • look into the cup, you’re thoughtful and determined.
  • look over the edge of the cup, you’re trusting, carefree, and used to relying on others’ opinions.


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  • love to take a lengthy bath, you’re hard to throw off balance. You’re calm and reserved and also quite easygoing.
  • combine showering with brushing your teeth, you’re good at multitasking yet impatient. You’re also good at winning over your rivals.
  • sing in the shower, you’re confident, sociable, and have a lot of friends.
  • take a shower quickly, you’re caring and put others’ interests above your own.
  • use a sponge every time, you’re thorough and reliable even in trivial situations.
  • take a very cold shower, you’re easily agitated and like to prove your point.
  • like to daydream when showering, your artistic sense is well developed, as is your sense of humor.


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  • reading books, you’re compassionate and understanding.
  • watching TV or playing video games, you find it difficult to accept opinions different from yours.

Toilet paper

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  • roll over, you’re dominant in your relationships and have developed leadership qualities.
  • roll under, you prefer being led in a relationship.


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