3 Major Reasons Why You Need To Include Lentils In your Diet Immediately

People who want to be healthy don’t need reasons for it. Period.
But people who think that living a healthy lifestyle will make them hungry need to be proven wrong.
It’s tough to talk about healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle and avoid lentils.
People avoid them. I don’t know why. They probably don’t know how to cook them or they don’t know the benefits behind them.
We can only sit here and guess the reasons behind this. It could take forever.
Here is a thought.
Why don’t we focus on the major reasons why you need to include lentils in your diet?
That’s definitely better. If you don’t have a reason why you don’t eat them, I’ll give you reasons why YOU NEED to eat them.
This is probably the road to success.


In this case, the success is making you include lentils in your healthy lifestyle.
So, are you ready to find out why you need to eat more lentils?
Ready or not, here they come:

Dietary Fiber

Lentils are just like a magical food. By adding only one cup to your diet you have already covered up to 70% of the recommended daily requirement.
That’s one meal!
Now, with all of that you get benefits like:
  •      Regulating bowel movements
  •      Decreasing risk of getting certain types of cancer
  •      Boosts the digestive system

Lean Protein

Meat is not the only source for lean protein. Beans provide you with a nice dose of proteins just like animal meat.
Cooked lentils give you up to 18g of protein for every cup.
Alongside the proteins, lentils are also low in saturated fat.
What’s more, lentils don’t have any cholesterol, which makes them great substitute to red meat.
Keep in mind that they don’t come with the needed dosage of amino acids. You know, amino acids are needed for completing the protein.
Make sure you mix lentils with grains to get that nice and sweet complete protein.


Folate and Magnesium

Eating more lentils means helping your heart stay protected. It needs this extra form of security to stay away from developing heart diseases.
Lentils are full with magnesium and folate.
This is a healthy combo and reduces the chances of heart attack.
With that being said,
  •      Folate helps protecting the artery walls and reduces the risk of heart attack
  •      Magnesium strengthens up your body making it resistant to diseases and improves the oxygen, nutrients, and blood flow through your body.
Studies also confirm that the lack of magnesium in your body increases the risk of heart attack.
Now, go to the kitchen and cook those tasty lentils!
Source: Steth News


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