4 Body “Fixer” Points That Will Boost Your Metabolism

I don’t know if you are a follower of this method of healing, but I know many people believe in this.

I want to target exactly those people with this new thing I found.
For many years now acupuncture has been a proven way to solving many health problems. People have only praising words for this ancient method.
There are lots of acupuncture variations that can be found on the Internet. Not every one of them will help you, of course.

It really depends on how you apply and when you apply the pressure.
The points you will see below will help you with some different approach.
It’s believed that by doing acupuncture on these 4 places on your body, you will feel the boost of your metabolism and lose more fat during the process.

People think of acupressure like a waste of time. It’s okay to have mixed feelings about something, but you don’t need to say it doesn’t work.
It’s a very complex medical technique that exists since ancient times. Every organ in our body is using energy from certain channels that are connected with specific points of our body.
So, if you can find that particular point and massage it, that organ will start working better.
It’s like having a full body massage. Your muscles feel sore at first, but relaxed and full of energy later on.
These instructions will show you those points in the body that will result with boosting your metabolism.
But this doesn’t mean you should switch back to the unhealthy lifestyle. Just continue eating healthy and exercise during the day.
This comes as a little bit of help for achieving even better results.
Here are the instructions.


You should massage this point with smooth and continuous pressure on the ear with your thumb. Keep doing it for 3 minutes, 3 times a day.


Stimulate this point twice per day for 5 minutes. The massage will help you control hunger and stress. If your stressful times make you feel like eating, this is exactly what you need.


Arms are the main energy transporters. Massaging this point of the arms will release your body’s extra heat and improve the work of the intestine.
Massage this point for 60 seconds, 2 to 3 times a day.


The Zu San Li acupressure. It will improve the digestion and help you defeat inflammatory properties in your body.

Massage your legs clockwise 9 times. Keep massaging for 10 minutes. Don’t do this before bed because it can cause insomnia.
Will you try this to see if it works?
Share this with your friends. Maybe some of them believe this is the solution to their problems.
Source: FNFN


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