4 Easy Steps to Clear Sinuses Fast and Effectively

This is the time of the year when you are getting those coughs or wet noses and you need to clear sinuses. The sinuses are under attack collecting whatever they can to make you hate winter.

If you dig deeper into the problem you have with the sinuses, you’ll find out there are more things that influence the problem with your sinuses.
Most common reasons for sinus problems are:
  • Allergies
  • Infection
  • Common Cold/Flu
  • Rhinitis
Everyone will experience this issue at least once in their lifetime. It’s painful and uncomfortable.

Collective Evolution
We are used to the same procedure every time. Go to the doctor, ask for help, treat the sinuses with medicines or “heat” procedures to improve the congestion.
I’m really happy that I can help you with the process.
The four easy steps you are going to see below helped many others who are refusing any medicine.
I hope you are going to find the solution in these steps and clear sinuses once and for all.
Let’s go:

Step #1: Preoperational Movements to Clear Sinuses

Let’s move your head a little bit. There are muscles behind right beneath your ears and go down your neck ending to your collarbone. It’s the sternocleidomastoid, and you need to focus on it.
Turn your head on the left side at a 45-degree angle. Massage it in downward direction five times.
Do the same thing when you turn your head on the right side.
The whole procedure will relax the muscles and make Step #2 more efficient.

Step #2: Index Fingers Massage

You need to use your index fingers for this one. Can you locate the bone-y and hard part of your nose? – Good. Go down with your index fingers until you reach the soft part of your nose. It’s exactly where the bone ends.
Now, stop at the area between the hard part and soft part of your nose. It’s where you should focus this technique.
Use circular motions with comfortable pressure and massage it for 30 seconds.
After this, massage the muscles down the side of your nose spreading towards your cheekbones.
It will relax your whole face.

Step #3: Orbit Bone

Clear Sinuses
Use your index fingers, again. Locate the upper orbit bone. You can find it on top of each eye.
Now locate the super orbital notch. It’s that small area somewhere at the center of this orbit bone.
Massage it with your index fingers in circular motions for about 30 seconds with comfortable pressure.

Step #4: Comfort Yourself

Last but not least, comforting yourself. This final step will relax you and make you feel like someone pushed the restart button.
Locate the center of your forehead. With circular motions and comfortable pressure massage outward until you reach your temples.
Now you are ready to proceed.
This is how you clear your sinuses with four easy steps.
It’s up to you now. Don’t forget to share this with all of your friends and let them know.
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