4 Ovarian Cancer Symptoms You Should be Aware Of

It’s the ovarian cancer symptoms that concern us the most. If we don’t know anything about them and how to detect them, we are lowering the chance of acting on time and staying alive.

Ovarian cancer, along with the others, is the leading cause of death all around the world. The widespread disease, cancer, is responsible for 30% of all deaths in Canada. That’s more than any other illness or possible cause.

We are interested specifically about the Ovarian cancer. The estimation is not looking good. This cancer type has 2800 new cases and 1750 deaths in Canada. In the US, the number is bigger with 22,280 new cases and 14,240 deaths. These results are for 2016 and released by American and Canadian Cancer Societies.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

What’s the Ovarian Cancer?

The following video will help you learn more about this dangerous disease.

What are the 4 Ovarian Cancer Symptoms?

  1. Persistent Bloating

If you are going to the bathroom for your uncontrolled bladder and you constantly feel bloated, there could be something in there.
To be a bigger issue, this situation should be ongoing for more than three weeks. It could be one of the ovarian cancer symptoms, and you need to visit the doctor right away.
  1. Lower Abdominal and Pelvic Pain

This is an unusual symptom. Lots of women confuse it with the menstrual pain. It shows up in the same areas – your lower stomach, lower back, and pelvic region.

But, the pain during the menstrual period is reasonable and it’s here until your time is gone. However, if the pain is persistent and comes with a bigger intensity (more than three weeks), it could be one of those ovarian cancer symptoms.
It’s especially important to watch carefully for this one. Don’t jump to fast conclusions.
  1. Difficulty eating

The decrease in your appetite for longer than three weeks means that you should visit your doctor. This could be a sign of other issues; it might be a result of developing ovarian cancer.
  1. The Constant Need of Urination

If you are visiting the ladies room with higher frequency despite little to no changes to water, you might feel the first ovarian cancer symptoms. You should visit your doctor and talk to him about the potential problems.

There you have it. You should be aware of these symptoms and warn your friends about it.

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