4 Week Fitness Plan to Transform Your Body With 6 Exercises

Let’s start the new month with this 4 Week fitness plan that will help you achieve incredible goals.

There is a reason why people love this fantastic workout program. It has something to do with the six exercises you are going to see below.
Their simplicity and effectiveness have made lots of people commit to them. It’s easier when you know what exercises you are doing today and whether you need some variations or not.
The benefits of exercising are enormous. I shouldn’t be telling you this again, but I want to remind you that exercises help you:
  • Burn Fat
  • Stay Healthy
  • Become Fit
  • Improves the lungs
  • Aids the Heart
  • Enable blood vessels to deliver oxygen quickly and efficiently
  • Aid Develop various health problems
  • Decrease depression
  • Battle anxiety
  • Improve overall mood
…and much more.
4 Week Fitness Plan to Transform Your Body With 6 Exercises

With that being said, are you ready to get familiar with these six exercises as a part of the 4 Week Fitness Plan?

They are separated into three different categories:

Category No.1: Core

  • Basic Abdominal Exercises
  • The Plank

Category No.2: Upper Body

  • Push Ups

Category No.3: Lower Body

  • Buttock Exercises
  • Squats
The exercise that goes without a category here is cardio or yoga. I love them both, and you can do them whenever you want. You just need 30 minutes of cardio every day or every second day to get your body and soul going.
Here is the 4 Week Fitness Plan:

Week #1:

  • Stretch for 10 Minutes
  • 4 Minutes of Core Exercises: 2 Minute General abs + 2-minute Plank
  • 1 Minute of Upper Body Workout: Push Ups
  • 4 Minutes of Lower Body Exercises: Squats for 2 Minutes + Buttock Exercises for 2 Minutes
*Take a 20-second break after each category

Week #2:

  • Stretch for 10 minutes
  • 3 Minutes Basic Abs
  • Three Minutes Plank
  • 3 Minutes Push Ups

Week #3:

  • Repeat week number one. You can increase the tempo. You can add a minute onto every exercise regime to spice things up for better results.

Week #4:

  • Repeat week number two. Same thing here. You can increase the tempo and add a minute to every exercise for better results.

*Note: You need to do these exercises for six days a week for four weeks.

You are going to see the first results after a week or two. Keep a good ratio and balance in your meals, and you are on a good path for becoming healthier and fit.
Don’t forget to share this 4 Week Fitness Plan with all of your friends. They will thank you for it.
Source: The Hearty Soul


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