6 Amazing Fruits That Control Diabetes

Having diabetes is frustrating. I’ve been around a person with diabetes for my whole life, and I can share the struggle with those people.

Their entire life is based around “you should eat this,” “don’t eat that,” “this food will make it worse,” etc.
It’s like living in prison and your body is the guard responsible for your diet.
However, if you don’t eat properly, the disease could kill you.

Our theme for today is fruit and what it can do for your illness.
These six amazing and tasty fruits have the ability to control and prevent diabetes from getting worse.
6 Amazing Fruits That Control Diabetes

Fruit #1: Apples

The apples are a great source of soluble fiber that slows down the absorption of sugar in your blood. Plus, eating apples keeps you full for longer time.
The fiber content works against the “inflammation insulin resistance causes which promise faster recovery from infections.
Only one apple per day will satisfy 20% of the daily fiber intake.

Fruit #2: Black Plums

Black plums or as many people call them, the fruit with significant anti-diabetic properties. Eating this fruit will help your body transform starch into energy that will regulate your blood-sugar levels.
If you consume two black plums per day, you will feel the balance and positive effects on you in a week.

Fruit #3: Guava

It’s full of lycopene. The dietary fiber that reduces diabetes symptoms and lowers the chances of another disease.
Eating a PEELED guava does a great job cutting the sugar that gets into your blood. Watch for the “peeled” part because eating it with the skin will result in increased blood-sugar level.

Fruit #4: Grapefruit

6 Amazing Fruits That Control Diabetes
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I think this is my favorite fruit among the others.
A study says that grapefruit lowers the blood-sugar as effective as the metformin (a diabetes drug).
LiveStrong says that a half of grapefruit will reduce the blood sugar level and reduces the risk of obesity.

Fruit #5: Avocado

Avocados are full of fiber. Remember how I told you that this content is ideal for regulating blood-sugar levels?
It also has an excellent level of potassium, which reduces diabetic neuropathy symptoms.
Eating one serving of avocado provides you with 50 calories, three grams of carbs and only one gram of sugar.

Fruit #6: Strawberries

Strawberries will help you satisfy your sweet tooth. They contain a small number of carbs, which people with diabetes need to maintain a nice balance with their blood-sugar levels.
Have you tried dipping strawberries in 70% cocoa dark chocolate? It will give you a high number of nutrients and increase insulin sensitivity.
These six amazing fruits that control diabetes will help you maintain a healthy balance in your life.
I hope you are going to find this useful going further.
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