8 Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Have Oily Skin

Oily skin is known as problematic. Women still don’t know how to treat it. Some say how you shouldn’t even consider oiling it while others say that’s exactly what you need to do.

The opinions are different. Women who have tried both methods can only say what worked for them.
If you know what I mean.
Those who tried many things and who have suffered enough making wrong moves with their oily skin have shared these mistakes.
8 Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Have Oily Skin
They want to help you by sharing these tips what NOT to do when you have skin like this to treat.
There were few other mistakes, but I chose these as they are the most common ones.
Next time you will think about “why me” make sure you transform that anger into making the right things. Every goal is reachable!
Focus on eliminating these mistakes from your habits:


Dermatologists always warn about your smoking habits. They will even tell you to stay away from the smoke if someone else is smoking in your presence.
Smoking flushes your body from its Vitamin A levels. This vitamin is crucial to the health of your skin.
One of the things Vitamin A is known for is keeping the sebaceous glands in your skin from overproducing sebum. That’s a mix of oils and fats.
It also keeps your skin cells slough off when they die.
The mixture from dead skin cells and overproduction of oil results in acne.

Heat and Humidity

If I tell you to stay away from it, you will say that’s not possible. Treating your skin for these conditions is the least you can do.
Heat and humidity are major damaging factors for oily skin. It may cause heat rash.
This happens when the sweat glands are closed and trapped in tight dressings.
8 Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Have Oily Skin
Dermatologists often recommend people to counter humidity and heat with a night cleanser that is rich in salicylic acid. This cleanser should be put at night, before bedtime.
Keep in mind that salicylic acid makes the skin sensitive to the sun. That’s why you should put it at night.

Harsh Soap

Now, harsh soap is not going to scrub the oil out of your skin. It will make it worse. If your skin is both oily and sensitive, the bar soap will irritate the skin.
Your best option would be a mild, fragrance-free cleanser. Try this and start treating your oily skin appropriately.

Washing your face with hot water

Even if it feels right. Washing your face with hot water is bad for you because it dries the skin out. Then, the skin is forced to compensate that by producing an even bigger amount of oil.
On the other hand, the cold water won’t cleanse your skin like it should.
This makes the “comfortably warm” water the best option for you.

Over-washing the face

Women with oily skin enjoy over-washing their faces. They believe the water will cure their oily skin if they continue to do so.
Washing it more than 3 times a day will strip it out of its oils and could irritate the skin.
Wash your face no more than 3 times a day with a mild cleanser that you will gently apply on your skin. Rinse it with warm water.
A good cleanser is a gel that is rich in salicylic acid and foams when applied.

Relying on Astringents

People with oily skin should avoid these astringents unless their skin is extremely oily.
Dermatologists recommend that astringents could be used only once a week. No more.
They have the ability to dry your skin to the point where it will be forced to compensate that with more oil than it used to produce.

Popping Pimples

This is the worst thing. I know they look ugly on your face and hurt so much. Popping pimples lead to scars and red marks. Especially on oily skin.
8 Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Have Oily Skin

Oil-Based Makeup

Women have the habit to pick the makeup brand they’ve heard it’s good. They don’t check labels nor for what kind of skin is that makeup product.
If you want to treat your oily skin, you should opt in for makeup that’s labeled noncomedogenic.
That’s the type of makeup that doesn’t clogs the pores and is non-allergenic.
There you go. These are the most common mistakes women do while focusing on treating their oily skin.
Make sure you change your habits. Stop this and see notice the difference.
Have you ever believed that something works for your oily skin, but discovered is was a total mistake?
Share it with us! We have to learn from our mistakes.
Do you think your friends deserve to know this? – Share it with them if you do!
Source: Positive Med


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