Do You Have an Acidic Body? – Here is How to Alkalize It!

Most of you don’t know you have one. Acidic bodies are unhealthy bodies.

They are vulnerable to many diseases. Everything is caused by the unhealthy habits people have.
For those who don’t know, acidic body occurs when your kidneys and lungs can regulate your body’s pH balance.
When your body is like that, your body turns in a playground where many bacteria, illnesses, and yeast hang out.
And you don’t want that picture in your mind.
When your body is “enjoying” too much acid, it does everything just to keep it out.
With you not helping it during the process, it squeezes minerals from all organs just to fight it off.
This is too bad because those organs learn how to live with the small amount of some useful minerals.
It’s unknown when they will quit doing that. You don’t want to test their limits.
Most of you don’t pay much attention to this. That’s why you end up sick all the time.
Continuing to consume acid-forming foods won’t do you good.

Do You Have an Acidic Body? - Here is How to Alkalize It!
On the contrary, your body will continue to grow its acidic levels to some point when it will not be able to handle them without your help.

What happens when the acidic level is too high?

If you are still avoiding to control the acidic level in your body, there are some problems that could occur.
Your pH balance will fall down poorly and this is where diseases like
  •      Inflamed sensitive gums
  •      Immune deficiency
  •      Sciatica
  •      Respiratory problems
  •      Yeast fungal overgrowth
  •      Low energy
  •      Cardiovascular damage
  •      Heart problems (arrhythmias and high heart rate)
  •      Weight gain
  •      Bladder and several kidney infections
  •      Premature aging
  •      Accelerated free radical damage
  •      Headaches
  •      Diarrhea
  •      Nausea
  •      Joint pain
  •      Allergies
  •      Osteoporosis
will happen, eventually.
Sometimes get confused about some information. People claim that doctors said the body balances the pH on its own. And they strongly live by that.
It does. No one will tell you otherwise. However, it comes with a price tag.
Your blood does a big part here. For the body to get the proper digestion and get the acid waste ready to be taken out of your body, your blood takes the alkaline elements from the other systems.
That’s how the other organs in your system become weaker in order to save your digestion.
You win some you lose some.
In this case, you lose more. Your blood does its part to save your digestion, but the other organs are losing their alkaline properties and become vulnerable.
Remember – your body has limits, too!
You need to understand when it’s the proper time to say that this is enough. Everything in this world has its own limit.
We kind of forget about our body when we speak about limits. Going across them can be the least thing you want to do.
The path that you will need in order to come back could be lost forever.
Food intake plays a huge role here. If the diet is rich with acidic foods, your body becomes more acidic.
If you eat too many alkaline foods, then your body becomes too alkaline. That’s not good as well. But it’s harder to become too alkaline.
So, what’s the key here? – Balance.
Do You Have an Acidic Body? - Here is How to Alkalize It!
You have to understand that your body is a temple. Leaving it to work all alone will make it rusty. The base will get rusty and it could fall down.
To prevent that you need to know how it responds to certain foods.
In one of my posts, I shared with you some foods that will help you improve the alkaline levels and bring balance.
If you haven’t started using them, now it’s the perfect time to start doing that.
Is there an evidence that alkaline diet works for the pH levels?
Of course there is. The study shows that…
Do You Have an Acidic Body? - Here is How to Alkalize It!
Except eating food, you need to ditch some old habits and start making new ones if you want to do the right thing.
Here are some simple habits you need to develop to improve your alkalinity:
  •     Test your pH levels on regular basis
  •      Drink water
  •      Remove acidic foods from your diet
  •      Replace your unhealthy lunch with a green salad
  •      Use lettuce leaves and collard greens as wraps
  •      Ditch processed foods
  •      Eliminate sugary food and sugary drinks
  •      Replace dairy milk with almond or coconut milk
  •      Add green smoothies to your diet.
You are what you eat. You need to start living by this quote.
I think you need to share this with your friends. They need to know more about their acidic bodies.


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