A Brave Woman Achieved The “Perfect Body” To Prove One Thing

Tell me if you are brave enough to do the same thing.

We are women. We strive for greatness. Sometimes we want to do the “undoable”. That’s why we are called stubborn or stupid.

In our defense, everything is in our blood. I call that brave and determined.
Take an example of this woman. She desperately wanted to find and see the perfect body. Have you seen one?

The whole achievement and failure lies in the definition of the perfect body. Every single one of you out there has a different definition in their heads.

Taryn Brumfitt is the name of the woman. She felt unpleasant and unwanted in her body. She was determined to do something about that.

Something that will change her view for herself.

Shortly after that, she was introduced to bodybuilding. Everything seemed nice and amazing.
That’s when she entered into a body building competition. Her body was challenged with a vigorous training regime.

She forced herself to the limits in order to get ready for the competition. You know how these women train.

But do you know what they are going through?
Everything. Sometimes eating is not allowed. Not even drinking water. A body builder needs to ditch water intake just to get rid of the water in their bodies.

A Brave Woman Achieved The “Perfect Body” To Prove One Thing
That’s a really hard thing to do.
But you know how they say: a dream is a dream.
She finally got on that stage in front of the judges. She was stunning!
Some of you already ask questions like why or what was the whole purpose of it.
I have one answer I believe you will all rely on.
Don’t stand on the path of a determined woman.
What she did is absolutely brave and amazing. However, she learned a very important lesson from it.
All of you can applaud and salute what this woman did. But wait. There is more.
She didn’t become famous by her competition achievement. It was something else that made her deserve a high reputation in this world.

She wanted to teach her daughter something else. The truth about true beauty.
Taryn slowly lost her amazing body. She worked very hard to get it. She is still on the Internet, though.

With her new curvy body. She posted a picture on the Internet before & after she gained a little bit weight.

I think you already got the message.
Every woman should feel comfortable in her own body.
Aren’t that what we are all fighting for?
She is now a true motivator. A public speaker. She is traveling the world to share her message.
All body types are beautiful. She even made a video about her journey.

It already has 5+ million views on YouTube.
Taryn hopes people will appreciate her story. She wants to make a documentary of this experience.
That’s where you come in with your small donation. She is an inspiration.
Please let me know what you think about her story and message.
Spread the word to your friends. They deserve to know this.


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