A Girl Tested Avocado Oil on 9 Different Ways. The Results?

If you follow me, you know how I love to talk about avocado and its benefits. The same goes for garlic and broccoli.

I would say that these are top 3 of my favorite foods.
It’s not that I don’t consume other healthy foods. It’s just… there is something that makes me love them.
Oh yeah, bananas too. They are great for morning smoothies.
Let’s say I can’t imagine a diet that doesn’t include these foods.
This time, the center of our attention is the Avocado and its oil.
I hear lots of people talking about it. I’ve read many good things about how it’s good for the hair, face, skin, lips, and other similar things.

Now, I have someone who tried it. Her name is Birmabb and she decided to see why people go crazy over avocado oil.
This is what she found out.


Even though she was a little bit skeptic about oiling her body, Birmabb still went through with this.
After trying it for several times, the avocado oil came out as an amazing moisturizer.
Just by applying a tiny amount of this oil left her arms and legs moisturized through the day.
There is one negative side, though. She said that it took a while for the oil to sink into the skin completely.
However, she will continue using this as a daily routine.

A Girl Tested Avocado Oil on 9 Different Ways. The Results?

Shaving Oil

Using avocado oil for shaving was not a mistake. She claimed a friend suggested this to her.
The result was what she expected. The avocado oil made her legs feel nice and smooth.
You will find yourself cleaning the razor blade all the time, but after you see the results, you will forget about this.

Lip Balm

The weather is changing every day. If you have sensitive lips, you already know the struggle that comes because of the wind and cold weather.
After scrubbing a mixture of sugar and avocado oil, her lips felt “like new” again.
Her lips felt soft and moisturized again.

Makeup Remover

Removing makeup could be an unpleasant thing to do after you’ve had it on your face throughout the day.
Birmabb said that avocado oil does a great job removing eye makeup, but only if you have dry skin.

A Girl Tested Avocado Oil on 9 Different Ways. The Results?

Scar Lightening

Birmabb had a nasty scar on her elbow. She fell a month before she started using avocado oil.
Since avocado oil has so many antioxidants, she thought about using it to lighten up her scar.
She used avocado oil on her scar for two weeks. She applied it every day.
After two weeks, the scar started to become lighter. So, continuing with the process for some time could give great end results.

Cuticle Oil

If your cuticles dry and cracked, Birmabb suggests you use avocado oil during your usual manicure procedure.
This will pamper your nails. Plus, the moisturizing features of the avocado oil will make them shiny and healthy.

Eye Cream

Putting oil on her face was not an option. She thought it could cause a breakout. Seeing all the good results so far, made her try avocado oil.
She only used a small amount to see what happens.
The under eye bags seemed lighter after a few treatments before sleep.

A Girl Tested Avocado Oil on 9 Different Ways. The Results?

Exfoliating Scrub

She tried avocado oil on many parts of the body. It was time to apply it on the rest of her body.
After the scrub, her knees and elbows were really soft.
It’s in the moisturizing properties of the avocado oil. It works well.

Hair Conditioner

She has thick and curly hair. This was her way of moisturizing and strengthening her curls.
Before trying this new way of moisturizing her hair, she dampened it into warm water.
She then applied a thin coat of avocado oil through her curls.
After 15 minutes, she washed it out and styled her hair as usual.
Her curls were moisturized and they didn’t look greasy.
That’s her full experiment with avocado oil. This is something she recommends for everyone.
It might not work as it worked on her, but the avocado oil is definitely an amazing moisturizer.
After doing the same things, you will consider adding it to your body and hair care routines.
What about your friends? Will they be interested about this?
Let’s share it with them and find out.


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