Four Most Common Reasons Why Constantly Feel Feet Ache

Suffering foot pain is the most common thing in people. You will be surprised what people feel and how they got that pain.

By researching the Internet, you will find out that many reasons could lead to this annoying pain.
I get foot ache every time I walk for too long or wear flip flops. That’s why I decided to ditch these feet pain causers before it’s too late.
I conducted research on myself asking all the people in my neighborhoods to see their reasons that lead to feet pain.
Almost all of them think that there is something bigger attached to this. Only a few people said that they suffer from feet ache every time they wear high heels or stand for too long.
These two and two more are considered as the most common reasons for suffering from feet pain.
Four Most Common Reasons Why Constantly Feel Feet Ache
Let’s check them out.

High Heel Shoes

Any 2-inch or greater heel places your body in an unnatural position. It puts half of your body weight on the balls of your feet.
This changes the whole shape of your foot and leads to stress fractures and an enormous amount of pain.
On top of this, there are high heels that place the baby toe in a tight position. It constricts the blood flow which leads to pain, as well.

Extended period of Standing

The pain that comes as a result of standing jobs. There is no surprise here because your feet are the primary weight carriers.
Make sure you buy proper-fitting and soft shoes with great support to protect as much as you can from feet ache.


It comes in a form of arthritis. It’s caused when the uric acid in your joints create a buildup. If you want to confront with the uric acid in your body, you need to focus more on alkaline foods.

Flat Feet

If the whole sole of your feet can touch the floor when you stand, you have flat feet.
It’s a condition you can develop through the years.
People with flat feet always complain about pain in their arch and heel area.


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