My 6 Types of Friends Worth Fighting For. What Are Yours?

Friends are like our sisters or brothers.

Still, there isn’t anything that can replace my sister, but I have friends who are always here for me, too.
Everybody knows this.
You will never know where you’ll find your best friend. Our life journey is full with different roads.
This first started when we were in pre-school. We met our first true friends there.
Then we continued through middle school, high-school, college.
Different people. Different best friends. It’s rare to see friends who remained true all these years.
I’ve had a couple of friendships. Some of them were good while others were really bad.
One of those friendships I cherish the most. I married him.
We were friends our whole life. And we still are. That’s really important.
Seeing beautiful friendships all around me, I decided to express myself.
To find what’s deep inside me.
What do I need to find in my perfect friend? – What’s the type of person I will gladly call my best friend?
I know you have your own best friend in your heads. I would be glad to hear your stories!
Here is mine. I think you will agree with me.

My soul mate

Is this too much to ask?
Finding the one friend called soul mate don’t need to be that hard.

My 6 Types of Friends Worth Fighting For. What Are Yours?
It’s that type of person that clicks with you.
You feel relaxed in her company. She is the mirror to what it’s called true friendship.
Getting along is the start. Understanding each other without even talking is another dimension.
It’s not necessary that this will be your life partner. It could be a person with whom you feel a true soul connection.
Never let them go.

Your Force

The person who is ready to do anything for success. This person will have you on the driving seat.
Making dreams reality. These people won’t satisfy their hunger with small things.
They want to take over the world. To change it. To change all of us.
A friend like this comes equipped with great leadership qualities. She will be your inspiration for moving forward.
They want to teach you to be more like them. It will be their challenge to succeed with you.
Never let these people out of your life. It doesn’t matter how busy they are!

The Honest Friend

Honesty is really important. You just need that kind of person that will never fail you.
She will always tell you the truth. It’s not important if you want to hear it or not.
We all know you will appreciate that more than you’ll get along with lies.
This person will help you grow as a person. She will help you understand what actions and behaviors were wrong.
It’s great to have someone honest who will see things out of your perspective.
Honest people have a different approach. They know how to tell you the truth.
And it won’t hurt!

The Funny One

My 6 Types of Friends Worth Fighting For. What Are Yours?
Having a person who always has a joke for a certain moment is priceless.
Laughter is the best medicine and she knows when to give it to you.
Maybe sometimes some lines will be crossed, but can you blame them?
Plus, funny people can always get serious when you need them to do that.

The one with patient ears

My friend is a good listener. Sharing secrets and moments with each other is crucial for a relationship.
Having a best friend who will call you in the middle of the night and say to you:
“Hey, I’ve been busy as hell today, sorry I couldn’t call you before. Tell me, what’s going on?”
… you know what I’m saying?
She is just the listener you need to have in your life.
It feels like you can stay forever with this person. They are often the best advice giving people.

The Best One

My best friend needs to be like me.
A person who thinks about giving more than taking.
She makes sure everyone is happy and satisfied. That’s the end of her deal.
The best friend remembers things you forgot. They are the most generous person you can spend your life with.
To be an inspiration for her surroundings. To be happy every time you want to hang out.
That’s the kind of person everyone loves.
It’s really hard to find a friend with all of these attributes.
But people like this do exist!
What do you want your best friend to have?
Don’t hesitate to share it with us. I want to hear it!
Do you have a best friend that you need to show this to?


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