Fukushima Effects: First Images of Radioactive Salmon in Canada

Bad news for everyone as the radioactive salmon is swimming freely everywhere.

The first results are coming from Canada. All researchers are starting to warn us about over a third of the world’s oceans under threat of contamination.
I mean, this threat is now bigger as a team of researchers from the University of Victoria took a job and started investigating radioactive samples of salmon.
The American West Coast is also into the red zone of contamination. The traces of seaborne Cesium 134 (the indicator of Fukushima nuclear pollution) are still detectable in the ocean waters.
So, there is a big chance we are going to consume Radioactive Salmon going further in our lives.
I’ve been wondering when we are going to hear news about the Fukushima rector’s explosion.

Fukushima Effects: First Images of Radioactive Salmon in Canada
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What’s scares me the most is that I’m a big seafood person and this is not the first case of contamination.
There have been some reports warning us about this, but those stories were blending into the mainstream traction.

The Tests:

According to the test samples from the Oregon beaches, the cesium 134 levels is around 0.3 becquerels per cubic meter. This level of radiation is “safe” and not a risk to humans or the environment. That’s according to many researchers in the US and Canada.
Of course, it’s not. Can you believe this? – They are actually saying that radiation can be safe.
But, there is this “but,” there is no such thing as a safe amount of radiation for many living organisms. I think we know better about that.
Exposure to radiation is exactly what it says it is. Even if the amount of radiation is small. It still increases our risk for cancer and other dangerous diseases.
This got me thinking about all the times I’ve been eating salmon for the past couple of months. I think I’m going to substitute it with different kinds of fish.

I knew it!

I mean… we all knew it, but we don’t want to agree with it.
When it comes to harmful radiation and our smartphones, we look on the other side.
What can we do when we are so addicted to them?
Sometimes I wish we were back at the time when we had nothing.
Technology is taking over our lives and we are its most loyal slaves.
I’m just one of those people who don’t want to give up from technology but want those times to get back.
This sounds familiar, right?
New research has been brought to daylight.
It comes from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.
This study has revealed that several cell phones could be exposing us to harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation.
What’s so dangerous about it?
Well, see it yourself

Research: 5 Smartphones With Harmful Radiation Levels
This new study was published in the Biochemical Journal.
A single use of a specific cellphone for 15 minutes can trigger brain cell changes closely associated with cancer – The study says.
I think this wasn’t much of a problem earlier.
With the increased use of our smartphones, it’s time to bring this back to the table.
Maybe it’s not the time for pushing the red alert button just yet, but it’s better if we are warned.
The people from CNET did their part.
They found the top 5 smartphones that have the highest levels of radiation.
Here are they explained in the video below.
No one can make you give up your smartphone.
Like it or not, that’s the truth.
These 5 phones are really high in radiation.
If you can’t give up from your smartphone, avoiding these 5 phones is the least you can do.
It’s your choice.
Do you know someone who is using any of these phones? Warn them.


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