Leave The Cancer “Empty Handed” by Removing This Food from your Diet

It seems like everything provokes cancer.
Sometimes I feel like everything I do or eat will somehow be connected to cancer.
This doesn’t make me angry or mad about that. It’s exactly the opposite. It makes me more careful about the things I do or the foods I buy.
You know how they say:
You better be safe than sorry.
While we’re at it, I don’t know if you heard, but the cancer rates are on the rise.
Doctors constantly advise you to keep yourself away from something that will endanger your health.
There are various factors that can cause cancer. They are all in a free range between our emotions and the environment.
The most dangerous of all? – Food.
They didn’t say, “We are what we eat” for nothing.
If you don’t treat your body with the right food, it will eat you up. Literally.
This provokes the question, what’s the most harmful food that fuels cancer?


Yes. Sugar. That’s the food I’m always talking about. The last time I ate sugar was a year ago.
I was a guest at my friend’s house for Thanksgiving.
What was the last time you ate something with sugar?
You have to know that sugar is right there on the top as major cancer fuel. It loves sugar.
According to Dr. Otto Warburg, if the sugar is not present in your body, cancer will starve to death.
Not your body. You can live without sugar. I’m the first witness for that.
The cancer cells that are fueling themselves from sugar will have a hard time existing in your body.

Leave The Cancer “Empty Handed” by Removing This Food from your Diet
His theory is really simple.
The malignant cells and tumor are all caused by cells that generate energy by adenosine triphosphate. This goes through a nonoxidative breakdown of sugar.
The recycling method of the metabolite from this process (glycolysis) along with the adhA circulation back to the body causes anaerobic respiration.
People who are familiar with this know that this is the reverse of what happens with the healthy cells in your body.
In other words, the healthy cells are those who generate energy for the whole body to use. This process goes through the oxidative breakdown of pyruvate (the end process of glycolysis).
All of this leads to mitochondria.
This is what this German physiologist concluded and warns you about.
He added that cancer is a mitochondrial dysfunction fueled by the changed process of respiration of oxygen in the body by the sugar fermentation.
Can you bring a conclusion? Yes, you are right. Removing sugar from your diet will reduce the possibility of developing cancer.
This might be new for you, but the connection between these two villains is not new.
Most of you can quit sugar right away. The real question is whether you want to do that or not.
Quitting won’t be easy. There is no question about it. However, the benefits of doing that will make you celebrate your new lifestyle.
“I don’t eat sugar”. This is you when asked about the sugar intake.

Leave The Cancer “Empty Handed” by Removing This Food from your Diet
Or some of you admit that they are eating only small amounts of sugar on a daily basis.
At least, they admit, but they are not quite honest.
Sugar comes in different forms. It’s probably hidden in the label under a different name and you have no idea that you are eating it.
I can talk to you about how to eliminate sugar. About the easiest way to do that.
Believe me, there is no way to do that unless you are WILLING to do it.
For the sake of your health, you need to start ditching it from your body. Start very simple. Ditch all the pre-packaged foods that last temporarily.
They are full with sugars. Stop eating at the restaurants. At least 80% of the foods they use are either frozen or seasoned with sugar so they can last longer.
Even the dressings on your salad might contain sugar.
Stop eating red meat. Scientists finally discovered the truth about it.
I know millions of other tips to tell you, but these will do the trick if YOU want to quit sugar.
Do it for your health.


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