New Study Concludes: Ginger is 10.000 Times More Effective than Chemo

In my previous posts, I shared with you how effective ginger is...
It’s one of those magical foods that make you better. Your body can truly benefit from the ginger.
And now, scientists proved its ability to fight cancer cells. Finally someone decided to dig deeper into this and prove that.
For those who didn’t know, ginger is a first-line cousin to turmeric. And you already know how effective Turmeric is on cancer.
Talking about it, I have a sweet ginger tea right beside me. Sweetened with raw honey and ½ squeezed lemon. The taste is so powerful.
Drinking hot tea is the only reason why I like winter. I’m more like a summer person.
Back on the main topic.
As I mentioned before, ginger is really powerful and there is a study to prove it.
This new study published in PLoS said that the 6-shogaol, a pungent component, is superior over chemotherapy. It targets the root that causes breast cancer malignancy.
This new study identified several ways of how 6-shogaol targets and kills breast cancer cells.
New Study Concludes: Ginger is 10.000 Times More Effective than Chemo
Picture cancer like a mother-daughter relationship. The mother cells are the main cause of a wide range of cancers. Including breast cancer.
They are producing other cell types referred as “daughter” cells. This makes a wide net of tumors. This is called the Tumor Colony in the medicine.
The real danger coming with them is that they are able to renew themselves. That’s why it’s really hard to be killed.
Reforming over and over again makes them immortal and resistant to chemotherapy agents.
This is where Ginger comes to save the day.
Researchers found that these effects from the Ginger are leaving the healthy cells alone. During the process, they kill the cancer cells.
This is the opposite of what chemo does. Chemo kills all cells. Healthy and cancer cells.
Still, there are more studies in the process confirming this story. Ginger is powerful. There is no question about it.

New Study Concludes: Ginger is 10.000 Times More Effective than Chemo
It can attack the cancer-causing cells and leave the healthy ones to continue their work.
Whether this will become solution number one in future? – It remains to be seen.
I have mixed feelings when it comes to this. Maybe some of you know more? – Do you know anyone who tried ginger to kill cancer cells?
Me and all of my readers would appreciate you for sharing the story.
Until then, share this new study with your friends. They need to know.


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