NEW TREND: Cabbage Leaves on Breasts to Soothe Stress and Pain

Women around the world start putting cabbage leaves on their breasts believing it relieves stress and suffering.
Wearing the uncomfortable bra causes pain. That’s why we go to bed without it. The tightness and pressure are always here. Particularly for those who have bigger breasts. They can’t stand wearing a bra, but it’s the only way of keeping the breasts in one place.
Women now believe that if you put cabbage leaves on your breasts, you are going to relieve swelling, pain and even discomfort that’s caused by breastfeeding.

How to use cabbage leaves on your breasts?

NEW TREND: Cabbage Leaves on Breasts to Soothe Stress and Pain
All you need to do is take a cabbage and refrigerate it for an hour. Once you take it out, you need to remove the outer leaves as you don’t need them anymore.
You only need two inner leaves, and you can refrigerate the rest of them for further use.
Wash these leaves well with cold water. Make sure there are no residue, dirt, or pesticides left on them.
Remove the stems from the center of the cabbage leaves, and they will fit right over your breasts.
Make sure you don’t cover your nipples to keep the skin around them intact and dry.
Once you wrapped the leaves around your breasts, let them sit there for about 20 minutes. You can leave your bra to keep them in place.
When the 20-minutes period passes, remove the leaves and feel them how they become warm. Repeat the whole procedure whenever you feel it’s necessary.
Here are the benefits of cabbage for your health:
NEW TREND: Cabbage Leaves on Breasts to Soothe Stress and Pain
Bel Marra Health
IMPORTANT NOTE: Breastfeeding mothers who use this method to soothe the pain and reduce swelling should stop right after the swelling is gone. The method could decrease breast milk supply.


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