NO GYM? Follow These Minimal Effort Exercises for 2017

No Gym – Minimal Effort Exercises mean no problem!
You have to be real to yourself in 2017.
If buying full equipment, new resolutions, buying a new subscription to the gym didn’t help; there is a slight chance you are NEVER going in that life and body changing area.
What I have here is wrong and right for you.


Because you are not going to have more excuses and avoid the question “How you want to be fit if you don’t commit to the gym?”.


Because you are finally going to understand what exercises could do for you.
When you get used to these minimal effort exercises and feel great or like you never felt before, you are going to understand what the gym could do for you.
So, think about these activities like the “fire starter.” Something that will boost that burning desire to go to the gym and sweat the fat out.
If these thoughts don’t come, don’t worry. You are still going to do something about yourself and feel good about it.
There are plenty of ways to remain healthy and do minimal effort exercises. You and the colleagues at work will fell in love in this.
I promise.
Here are some minimal effort exercises that will keep you looking healthy and active in 2017.
I hope you are ready:
  1. Don’t be a “slave” to the Juice

NO GYM? Follow These Minimal Effort Exercises for 2017
A small amount through the day didn’t kill anybody. I don’t know if you know this, but 90% of the fruit juices are made of water, sugar, and another ingredient that you already know.
There is nothing natural in there. Only the name.
If you are addicted to these juices, go with unsweetened freshly squeezed juices.
  1. Do not sit like you are a 100-year-old grandmother

The desk job took out your posture. It’s time for you to take it back because posture matters a lot.
Sitting in the correct position not only protects your spine, but it also does a great job preventing damages to your organs.
There is nothing more attractive than a straight up woman!
  1. Breathe your soul out

Correct breathing lowers stress and anxiety. There are some necessary steps to breathe like a normal human being. Check this out.
  1. Plant a Pretty Flower Garden

NO GYM? Follow These Minimal Effort Exercises for 2017
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Studies show that there is a moderate form of an exercise. It’s gardening. It has a positive effect on health if you have your garden and take care of it regularly.
Plus, your front or back yard will look colorful.
  1. Relax in the tub

Experts call them the “sensory deprivation tanks.” It’s that fancy name for a bathtub.
It’s the area where you feel relaxed, and your mind is somewhere “stuck” in the sky.
  1. Take a walk in the park

Walking is amazing for your heart. On top of that, it acts amazingly on your mental health, as well.
There is a bonus if you have a dog. Both of you will have an amazing time spent together. The dog will take the pain away and bring joy to your life.
  1. Move!

NO GYM? Follow These Minimal Effort Exercises for 2017
Stretch and walk for 10 minutes a day. It will strengthen up your posture and muscles.
Don’t wait. You can do half of them while you sit.
  1. Sneeze?

Sneezing releases the irritants out in the wild. I know you are in a meeting. Sneeze it out. All of them will say bless you, and the face you make will make them laugh.
Sneezing feels amazing.
  1. Let Trump go and stop reading depressing tweets about him

Twitter is one source of anxiety. I know you want to stay informed about everything but reduce its use. Limit the interests about the POTUS. Live your life.
  1. One glass of warm water a day

It’s not a pleasant feeling, but your body absorbs hot water better than cold water.
Plus, it’s highly beneficial for our digestion. Go through it a couple of times, and you are going to be addicted to warm water.
There was that reason. I like the way you all smile.


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