If You Can Notice This On Your Nails, GET HELP!

Nail cancer? Like millions of other cancers weren’t enough. There are always different colors on our nails. That’s why we often go on manicure.
Sometimes we don’t even pay attention to the color. Well, when you see this you will start doing so.
I don’t mean to scare you, but you better be warned than sorry.
I haven’t heard anyone to suffer from nail cancer, so far. Did you? I would like to hear the story.
According to doctors, nail cancer happens rarely. Every cancer that goes against the skin has the ability to attack the nails, too. It can develop there. For those who thought it develops in the nails, it’s not like that.
The cancer attacks the tissue under the nails. That’s why the nail changes color or appears in different shapes.
If You Can Notice This On Your Nails, GET HELP!
Doctors say the usual color of the nail tumor is light brown. It shows like a line under the nail. As it develops, the nail tumor becomes darker, thicker and bigger.
Don’t be afraid. Not every strange “image” on your nails causes cancer. It might be lack of some minerals and vitamins.
This is just a warning to get that checked before it develops in something bigger.
Below you can see a video story done by CBS New York.
It’s a rare disease, but maybe some of you don’t know they carry it.
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