This Will Show You How to Brush Your Teeth The Right Way

I know you have many years of experience behind you. Brushing your teeth is not something you do once in a while.

You know how important it is to brush your teeth in the morning and before bed.
Now, this is really important.
It says that you’ve been brushing your teeth wrong your entire life.
You are a master for brushing your teeth. I get it. I’m not saying that It hasn’t been effective.
This Will Show You How to Brush Your Teeth The Right Way
I can see your teeth. They are white. But let’s improve the health of your teeth with this new way of brushing your teeth.
It’s a simple tweak that will give you big changes.
Your ordinary teeth brushing process is fast. Brushing round and round back and forth for approximately 2 minutes.
This new research suggests that mastering a combined technique will give you the best results.
It’s called the MBT or Modified Bass Technique.
To brush your teeth like this, you need to angle your brush at the gum line. Move it in a circular motion to loosen plaque and brush underneath your gums.
Then, you need to sweep the brush away from the gums to remove the debris.
Here is a video presentation of this method.
Don’t worry. You won’t get it the first time. Nope, not the second time either.
You need to practice.
I’ve read more about this technique and I saw people questioning if this method could hurt the gums.
For getting the best results and not harming your teeth, you need to brush them with light pressure.
Make sure you buy a very soft brush. Brush your teeth 2 times a day.
It’s your turn to share this with your friends. They could use some help.


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