See What Happens to Your Body When You Switch to Organic Food

We see them in the supermarkets all the time.
Tending to eat organic foods, they buy only conventionally grown and produced food.
We all thought about it.
What could go wrong?
A couple of years later we ask ourselves from where does obesity come from?
How come there are so many diseases in the world?
No one is guilty when this happens. It’s you.
You are the only one to blame at this point.
No one wants to receive that blame. If there is a path for avoiding the blame, you’ll find it.
This video is here to open your eyes.
Remember that it’s never too late to start making things right.
This research talks about the unhealthy life one ordinary Swedish family lives.
They look happy and satisfied. Their whole life depends on produced food.
Then, Coop showed up.
Coop is a supermarket chain. It set up a challenge for this family.
They were supposed to eat completely organic for 2 weeks.
This amazing Swedish family accepted the challenge.
Luckily for all of us, the whole transition was monitored and studied by The Swedish Environmental Research Institute.
See the video below:
I had the same reaction like the girl in the video.
“Oh my God, we eat pesticides?”
That’s awful. We feed our kids with these things.
Furthermore, this is not the only study that examined this issue.
Researchers from the RMIT University published a study in Environmental Research.
They found out that following an organic diet only for a week will reduce the pesticide level in our bodies.
You can find the study here.
Why do I say it’s crucial for you to start now?
See What Happens to Your Body When You Switch to Organic Food
I hate when people say it’s too late for them to make some changes.
No. It’s not.
Starting now and thinking about the future is really important.
You have kids and you’ll have several grandchildren.
What kind of an example are you to them?
As you can see through the video, the organic food is more expensive than the other.
It shouldn’t be like that.
By focusing more and demanding to eat organic, the world will start changing its habits.
There will be a bigger competition of organically grown foods.
New standards and norms will be set. There will be new ways for growing organic foods more efficiently.
All of this could lead to lowering the price we pay for these foods.
Don’t let that be the biggest obstacle for going organic.
It’s about the health we are talking about.
Let me set a challenge for you right now.
Go full organic for one week. That’s 7 days. If you don’t feel better after, go back to your old diet plan.
Do a check up with your doctor before you start. See the level of pesticides in your body and start.
After a week, repeat the same check up.
Good luck.


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