Study: Why Coconut Oil is Better Than Your Toothpaste?

Coconut oil or as users calls it “the miracle oil” strikes again.
Those who have used coconut oil know about its super powers.
Some prepare the best salad dressings while others use it as the “cherry on top” in their morning smoothie.
Since I discovered the benefits of coconut oil, I started implementing it in my life more and more.
My morning has already had a great start because i was drinking this banana-coconut oil smoothie.
It’s very refreshing and the coconut oil sure knows how to boost my metabolism.
What’s more, with coconut oil you can “DIY” some really useful natural remedies.
While we are talking about this food, let’s pay attention to coconut oil. What type it’s best for you to choose?
Study: Why Coconut Oil is Better Than Your Toothpaste?
Make sure you buy coconut oil only from sources that are reliable and know how they processed the product.
Now, over to its benefits.
I’ve talked about how you can use it and how it can serve you to improve your overall health.
There is not even one bad sign that will change your mind about it.
Here are the benefits of using coconut oil.
Study: Why Coconut Oil is Better Than Your Toothpaste?
Okay Joana, what about that study?
The study praises coconut oil. A group of scientists have found that coconut oil stops the growth of Streptococcus bacteria.
This is one of the biggest causes for tooth decay.
If we talk numbers, 60% to 90% of all children are affected by tooth decay.
The scientists didn’t stop here.
They have revealed that coconut oil also attacks yeast that causes thrush. It protects your teeth from developing even bigger issues.
Study: Why Coconut Oil is Better Than Your Toothpaste?
Dr. Damien Brady, a lead researcher of this study, said this.
As you can see, coconut oil is considered as one of the alternatives to your toothpaste.
Plus, it comes with huge benefits and it could solve all the problems you have with your teeth.
If you want a coconut oil toothpaste that you can DIY, you can check these recipes here.
Lots of people already tried them. They said that it almost has the same effect like before.
It’s safe and effective!
All of your friends need to know this. Don’t you think?
If you do, share it with them!


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